Friday, December 2, 2011

Just a up date...

So this is just a little update because I wanted to put something on my blog for all 2 people to see!  These are the lil chicks that I got the first week of Aug.  I raised them from babies.  Just 4 months old and they seem to change color and size all the time!

Pecky ... This chicken runs up to me and lets me hold her and feed her out my hand!
These little chickens started laying these lil white eggs!

When I got home from a long weekend, this was waiting for me!
I will start doing my blog more often!  I do enjoy reading your guys blogs! 


  1. What kind of chicken is "pecky"? She looks like my little black chick that just hatched! I wish my chickens let me hold them! One has been mean since the chicks were born and she kept attacking me the other day until after about the 4th time of me wacking her.

  2. What do you mean all of 2 people who read your blog??? There are more than that who enjoy reading it, me being one of them. Your chicks are so big now! I want to have chickens too...i probably would already, except birds up close creep me out, but I'd love to have fresh eggs every day :)

  3. Awww they are so sweet. Fresh eggs - yum

  4. Love the chickens Love fresh eggs. Used to get them from my Grandfathers farm. Had to gather them some of the hens were sooo mean.

  5. so have you eaten any of the eggs yet?