Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Conneticut & The Beach ... before the storm...

Me, mom and dad had a weekend together.  It start Friday at 1pm for a flight to JFK in NY.  We left RDU 10 hours later and after a hour drive to Connecticut at 2:30 in the morning!  Marcellus was giving his first public talk and we wanted to support him!  He did a great job! Nice cookout after with some old friends from CT, NC, and NY.  We head back home Sunday evening.  We got back to JFK at 7pm Sunday evening but did not leave till 12 that night for home! 

Get home Sunday morning at 2ish... we still wanted to visit our friends at the beach that were in town from New Jersey.. So off we went to Emerald Isla!  It was so nice being them the Swanacamps.  The dad, Dave, was a guys dad stuided with when he went to Duke University.  He is now, 30 years later a elder and has a wonderful family. 

We had not seen them in 5 years. Here are a few pics from the beach.  Great friend, great times!

 This picture was taken 4 days before the place we are standing fell into the ocean during the Hurricane!  That's a bummer!  While we were standing here a 5 to 6 foot shark jumped out the water spinning in the air 3 time!  I had never seen that before and was not sure about going back in the water the next day!  I had always seen small sharks around this pier but that was a little much!

Bogue Inlet Pier Aug 23, 2011

The group

Some pics I took of all of us!  We did have a great time but were just a little tired when we got home!  But they got kick off the Island two days after we left. 

The wonderful house we were in also was flooded during the storm!

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  1. looks like a lovely time. so proud of Marcellus too.