Saturday, May 14, 2011

No more wisdom...

Got those wisdom teeth removed on Friday... thats way im bolging at 2:56am in the morning. My percocet has been great! Sleep all day. Pain came and went, off and on all day. Got tired of setting in the house today so I went to enjoy the perfect temp outside... I woke up 2 hour later. How perfect it was.

Got a call from the my sergeant this evening to tell me that tomorrow would be a little more painful. He told me he had to cut me more then usual and my bottom teeth gave him problems. Had to put a lot of pressure and cut them in 4 to get them out! Looking forward another day of drugs!

But you know know it hurts because chicken broth and pouring milkshake down my throat was all I could get down. Mush potatoes almost killed me! When a fat boy don't eat ... It hurts. Maybe I can loss a few!

1 comment:

  1. Poor BABY!!! Bringing back memories of Kelly's horrific time with hers. Hope your pain eases off soon. Call when you need something....