Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 days ago...

I got these teeth taken out 6 days ago and I am still sleeping on an ice pack. I just started on my 2nd bottle of Percocet! That's the only good thing about this! But it's said that I am tired of my free high.

Went back to doc today and with out me saying anything to him he said "your teeth gave me a fit on Friday!" he said that they were huge teeth and they were wrapped around my jaw bone. He said the pain I am having is expected and that it is as bad as me getting hit in the face with a fest 50 times! All I could say is "I know!" My jaw bone hurt so bad today it mad me sick! But after many Percocet and tooooo many ibuprofen the pain let up this evening.... just to come back at bed time!

On the bright side he told me I should only be in pain for 2 MORE WEEKS! If y'all see someone waving at you from the moon, it's me. Wave back! I'm flying high!


  1. Poor Matt. Hope it goes away sooner than two weeks. And I'll be sure to wave back :)

  2. Call me if you need anything. I'm right around the corner...of course you are surrounded by so many people I doubt that will happen. :) Hope it gets much better sooner than later. Smooches

  3. Maaaan! What a bummer! Hope the pain eases up for you soon. Until then, enjoy the moon, I hear it's lovely this time of year :)