Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding bells...

Two dear friends of mine meet around a year ago, fell in love and got married this past weekend. It was so nice to be a part of there special day!

I have known Shanda for years and have always thought she was a great girls. Her and here sister would come down and hang out and I would sometimes go up to hang with them. They always made me feel welcome. The huge family they have are all just wonderful people!

Funny thing is how I meet Montez... We were in Texas at the same time. Be being from NC and him being from VA funny how we meet for the first time in TX. In school we were desk mates, spending a lot of time together. Have many of the same goals in life we hit it off and became good friends. Having much in common... fishing, eating and family we became brother!

Just over a year ago I got a call from Tez asking me did I now Shanda and of course I said yes. We talk about how cool of a sister she was and all that jazz... ;)... Soon Tez was going to be given a talk in South Boston and Shanda ask if I want to come stay the weekend there with Tez, hang out, fish, eat... all the great things in life. So thats what we did and had a great time!

Here is a picture of the girls! Dont they look good!

Soon I realized what was going on and how happy I was that two wonderful people found each other. Two of my friends meet apart from me and are now husband and wife! This is a small world.

Congratulation's Montez and Shanda!

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