Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Times...

So I went to a party a few weeks ago and had sooo much fun. It was some friends that I dont get to see that much so that made it that much better! Nat had the dance party... and she is a great DJ!

The twins! Whom I have come to love!!! Great girl!

Get ya groove on, get ya groove on... yeahyeah!


I grabbed these pics from someone else ... Thanks Vanessa! They were some good pics of all my friends!


Me and Lisa

I keep calling this my "first white peoples party!" And then one "SISTER" came in! lol ... Poor thing is whiter then me!

Amber and her husband Bruno... who I got to know better that night. Thats one cool dude!

We all had such a good time. I differently have to hang out with them soon! Good times and good peoples!


  1. Guess what - I do believe that is your first "white peoples" party. LOLOLOL --- looks like tons of fun. Did I see Chelsee there or does she just look like Chelsee? I love to see beautiful happy people having fun. And what were you doing up at 5:56AM?

  2. Ur welcome for the pics :) Good times had by all!