Monday, January 25, 2010

Trip to Connecticut and NY...

December 9th - 13th

My buddy Marcellus called me a few months ago and told me he wanted to do a surprise 25 years of full time service party for his aunt. So off I went to Connecticut!

While I was there I also got to hang out with some old friends I meet a long time ago when me a Cellus would go visit. So on Thursday I went out in service with them. Had I great time. Vacation and service! Cant get better! I also got to go see one of the Buddy's that had also moved from Durham to CT. Chade invite me up to a WT study and game night in Hartford. Meet some cool people and Cellus got in meet some young folks to hang out with. Had a great time with them! They are all in the Chinese congregation.

We played this game called signs. So that's where the crazy hands come from!

But this whole time Aunt Corlis did not know anything was going on. She did not know anyone was coming up and knew nothing about her dinner! So after a full day of service on Friday and doing a bunch of stuff for the dinner I drove down to the city to pick everyone up. I drove them back to the KH to hear Cellus give a talk. ... Corlis was there and still did not know anyone was coming! After the meeting she started walking around the hall and one by one realized that Cellus had managed to get 5 of her Friends, her sister and nephew to CT without her knowing! ... She cried!

The Saturday morning I had to get back in the car and take one of Corlis's bible students to the airport... so off to the city I went... Again! It is not the best drive. An hour and 20 mins and traffic! But Devan and myself went and decided to make the best of our trip. He had never been to the city so I drove him around to the things I could find. Saw the "Watchtower", drove across the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, China town, and Time Square.

That evening was the dinner. A great family in the hall let Cellus have it at there house. Mama Rite did the cooking! And IT WAS YAAMMMME!!! I thought this was a very nice thing Cellus did... he has turned out alright!

After spending a year a Brooklyn Bethel, Cellus decided to move up to CT with his aunt who had played such a large part in his spiritual growth. She has always been a great example of someone who has lived a simple life just to give Jehovah her all. And that she did! For many years she was a commuter Bethelite at Paterson. Just living about 20 to 25 min's away, this turned into a great opportunity for her. Cellus got a few of her old commuter friends to come along with her close friends from her congregation and after dinner everyone seat around a told great things about her! I thought how nice that must be... to have a room full of people to let u know how much you touched there life! I turned out very nice!

On Sunday, during an ice storm that we thought was going to keep us in CT a day longer, we went to visit the Brother that Cellus works for. They are great people! We hung out and play games with the kids!

Then it was off to the airport for the 4th long trip and now it was to take me home! FUN FILLED WEEKEND WAS OVER! .... well except for a four hour delay...


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I remember when Corlise came into the truth - we became very good friends and had many long talks through those years before she moved North. Even though I have missed her all this time, I know she made the right move for herself on many levels. I have some great pictures of us over at Marlans one summer. Fun Fun

  2. thank you enjoyed the pictures very much. Corlise has a special place in my heart.