Thursday, January 28, 2010

A day with me and boy at the beach...

I found some pics of a beach trip. Me and BT went to the beach for a few hours. We had talked about just playing at the edge of the water and not getting to wet. But with me a boy at the beach...water... and a warm day in September, I was pretty sure somebody was going in.

Boy was not to get wet! .... lol

Uncle Map: "So you can play on the edge ok!"

BOY: "but its not cold Ill stay on the edge!!"

BOY: "Im not going fare.....but I see a wave"

Uncle Map: "BT! You might want to come back!!!"

Boy: "its ok map it not cold"

Uncle Map: " well what about the wave!!!!"

Boy: " uncle map!!! its a lil deep"

BOY: " Its ok Map, MOM will not get mad! Its not cold!"
"you want to swim with me map?"

BUT still we had a blast at the beach!

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