Friday, November 6, 2009

October Fishing trip...

So for the past few years some of us have been down to the coast for fishing on the last weekend of October. I has been good fishing last year and this year was not that much different. Kim and Wayne went down on Thursday night and the rest of us came on Friday evening. It was hard to believe it was two day before November. It was hot! Like I said in the last blog... we live in NC!

This was on the water right in front of Beaufort.

So we heard that the Beaufort inlet was the place for trout that weekend. So that is where we started. Well it was pretty rough there but we stayed because the fish were hitting. Lots of boats, waves and fish! It was beautiful on the water! We would start at the red Buoy right off Radio Island and drift right on out to sea. We did that a few times. Every time I would drift past green buoy #7 between Shackelford and Fort Macon I picked up a fish! That was my spot!

But the water got the best a of a few of us. If anyone works with Marie in service, you know about her car sickness. Her, Brian and Dad started to feel it. After seating over on Shackelford, walking around look for the shells, and taken a nap to sleep away the motion sickness, Brain and Wayne headed back in. Kim and Marie got on the boat with me and dad and we went back at it. We try ed it in the inlet once more but by then non of us could take it.

But Marie was a trooper!!! This was her first fishing trip and she hung the whole day! We went over tho show her Beaufort and I saw lots of boats near the drawbridge. We went over and start to catch the "Spot!" ( the fish called Spot ) We seat there for a few hours!

I thought it was pretty good for her first trip!

After all the fun we set back for our ride back to the cottage. On the way back a few Porpus's were swimming ahead. But they quickly went under. As we were looking around for the to surface back up, to our surprise they poped out right beside the boat!

Then off it was to clean the fish. Now that's not the most fun!!!

85+ - Spot
10- Trout
14 - Blue


I can't wait for the fish Fri!
Oct 2009

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  1. Wow - that was a great first time fishing trip for Marie - now she is "hooked" isn't she? What a wonderful addition she and her lovely family have been to our lives since they moved here. You are getting really good at the blogging - know how to tell the tale and that is good. Keep the posts coming - I enjoy them.