Monday, January 16, 2012

Chicken house....

So I had a friend that told me he wanted some chickens.  Well as you may know, I am head over hills about some chickens.  By the way, I don't get head of hills about to many things.  I had so much fun building and surprising him with his new chicken coop! I'll let you see the process.  I did this for less then $50.00!  Well that was by goal.  If I went over $50 ... it was not much!
It started out as a box!

Then it started coming to life!
Added a nesting box

Sliding door for the hens come in and out
Put a lil paint on it  

A roof and window..... 3 months later!
You get a chicken coop!

As much fun as it was building it, it was that must more fun giving a gift that you know someone loves!  

I hope it will bring lots of good time and good eggs to there family!


  1. that's awesome! And it looks sooo cute!! Great job and a great gift!

  2. I think it was the BEST gift ever!! You are an awesome friend!!

  3. Love it. Awesome job, and what a great friend you are.