Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My blog...

I have been having trouble with my blog for a long time.  it is not easy at all for me to do a blog.  I have been playing around with it today and found that my setting have been set on "old editor."  Not sure if everyone but me ... (like a lot of people read this anyway) but if you have updated your settings to " Updated editor."  I may have just been wayyyyyy behind but check it out!  So much fast for me now....

This is a test and so far it is great! 

These are some of my favorite pics I have taken over the years that don't involve people!
Central Park

Road to Work

On top of the Watchtower building

Brooklyn bridge

I think one of me favorite places.. Beaufort NC
 The caption option was not on my old setting and the way to add pics way totally different!  OK.. till next time!

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