Monday, July 18, 2011

My Chicken Coop...

So many months ago I decided I wanted to build a chicken pin and coop. As you can see it was winter time. I started it because we all enjoy fresh eggs and thought it would be fun! Grandma thought it was a good idea as well. But will busy life and Grandma getting sick, many things were put on hold including the chicken pin.

So it started with a floor. You have to know, I built most of this out of a scraps and large wooden crates. This was from a large refrigerator crate that came to my job. It was perfect. Studded walls and all!

It set like this for a few weeks...ok maybe months!

Up went the walls! Cut out the back window and the nesting box to the right.

Then a few more weeks went by... ok I really cant lie about this one... it was MONTHS! Things are turning green and it has gotten warm.

I put up the front wall and made my door. And I started the roof.

It started to take shape!

The door.

Window from Grandma's house. Dad put pains in the window as you will see.

Look'n good!

On went the tin roof and a coat of paint...

So now it is hot! I pull out the big gun... Family! I wanted to get this thing done!


The door that will open to the run!

They painted the inside!

A few weeks later me and dad finished it up!
Now it looks good! Finished the paint.

Nesting Box...

I did a little inside. Built a few perches for them to roost!
Dont have the pics of the progress but dad put in the polls for the run. Over the next few weeks I put the chicken wire up and got a wooden screen door. So for the most part it is complete!

Now I can look forward to getting a few chicken and some bady chicks that will hatch in Aug 5-7. I look forward to seeing then grow!

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