Monday, April 25, 2011

So a dear older friend of mine enjoy the invitation work for this years memorial. This women amazes me. She is somewhere around 97 and keeps on kicking even tho it is not as hard. The Jones family worked with us that morning. This was the Sunday of the memorial. We stay out 3 hours in the ministry. She was right there with us the whole day! I roll here up and down the street, right up to there door so she could have a share.

Soon after her baptism at age 94 we had another campaign and she had a full share in it. I took her picture and it still sets in her living room. We had to add one to the collection. Even if she had to ride this campaign out, she still had a wonderful day!

And we all enjoyed ourselves with her!

PS: This "sweet" little lady (b/c sometimes she will threaten to shoot you) called my Grandmother everyday to read the daily Scriptures with her. She literally did this to the day she died! She was a great friend to her and for that I love her as family!


  1. Smiled the whole time I read this - loved the pictures. You are a good man my dear Matt.

  2. that was reading this. need to proofread. LOL