Friday, October 8, 2010

Dinner on the porch....

Dinner on Sunday October 3 was one of the best dinners I have had in a long time. Thanks not only to the food, absolutely beautiful setting but mostly due to the friends I ate with!
It was located at a farm, Elodie Farms in Bahama. Old farm now turned into a goat farm. They make goat cheese.
We had dinner right in front of the house in the lawn under a candle lit tent!
I guess they knew I would love it, and even more needed it...

maybe not the food but the great company.

And that they were... with our favorite "meat drink" in hand,
we took a tour of the farm!

... goats, horses and one horned bull...

...the tobacco barn now turned into a chesse making Kitchen

...and the next generation of goats recently born!...

...and Jenny could not bring one home as much as she tryed.

The food was sooooo good. It was all local grown food and a local chief came out to prepare it. He owns a restaurant here in Durham call "Six Plates." If you have a chance go, you will love it!

But the best course was the laughs, jokes and knowing you have GREAT friends who care about you! One course everyone needs to taste!
Love you two!

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