Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trip to District of Colombia...

December 24th - 27th

Off we go to DC!... We are packed-up, piled-in, and pull off... all 16 of us.

A few months back we started talking about taking a group trip. For years we have been going out in service together, supported each others adventures, fought with each other, love each other and for a few married each other! (K&G) But seriously we have all become true friends. But there are a few we did not know as well so we decided to take a long weekend trip to DC. The girls had went last year and had a great time. But this year the guys crashed their good times and tagged along. We left early Thursday morning around 6am. When I say piled in... i mean stuffed in. There were 8 in my car on the way up!

THEY HOOKED us up! We stayed at a very nice hotel. It was the "The Liaison" hotel. It was really nice and right down the street from the Capital. This was the lobby.

We enjoyed the hotel. But you know, the whole place knew we were there. You cannot take us anywhere. We only got one knock on the door telling us to be quiet!

It was a cold weekend but we still enjoyed the city. Here are a few pic's to enjoy!

"The Willard Hotel"

We went during Christmas so there was not a lot open but we found a few places that were. We went to the National Aquarium. It was the only waste of money so we could not complain that much.

Earlier that day we ate at the famous stop. Kris found it for us. And she found a good one too! Many famous people have been here and their pictures are all over the walls. The President had been there a few weeks earlier.

Look at her trying to pose!

So I will let the pic talk...we had fun...

One day we went to "Madame Tussauds" wax museum.


"Hard Rock Cafe"

We stopped in for lunch! But with 15 people, there was never just a simple meal. So we made the best of our time... PICTURES!

Just a cool pic on the street...

This was an old train station that is now a mall!

Found something to do inside.....

"The White House"

She is trying to get to Obama!

Then we went to the botanical gardens at the Capital.

The pond in front of the Capital was frozen well ... we hoped it was!

The girls had been here before! Man it was good. Its a soul food restaurant.

Everyone got dressed up and we all looked good!!!

Even the crazy random man had to get in our pic's.

People were trying to find out who we were!!!

"I ate $50... whats the problem, why are we still here?!!!"

But to end, we all had a great time. Old and new friends! Young and old! EVEN married. Thanks to Kris and Les, we had a great time. We are also glad Kris and G did not just drop us when they got married! We had a ball with them ol married people too! Glad Brother and Sister Woods came along to keep us laughing! What a fun trip we had! But as tired as we were from our late night conversations to our early moring breakfast... we had a blast!
But all good things have to come to their end so off for home we went...

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  1. Excellent!!! What a wonderful trip with so many wonderful people. Every pictures shows how happy everyone was to be there. Thanks for sharing. Making wonderful memories....keep the entries coming.