Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camping at Wilson Creek

What a way to start a blog. One of the most outstanding trips I have had in a long time! Camping at Wilson Creek, something everyone should do. I think it helped going with an awesome group. Left on a Friday afternoon just in time for the hamburgers to get on the grill and start a trip to remember. I will try to let the pictures tell you the rest...

This was our second trail of the day, after walking up a beautiful creek with moss growing on every rock you could see, remains of old camp fires to the right, eyes peeled for another bear...YES I SAID ANOTHER BEAR...we walked up on this great water fall. Cold as it was we could not stand it, right under the water fall we went.

But this is how the day began....

As we came down this trail some people told us they saw a black bear, as Shane lead the way who came around the corner... Mr.Black Bear himself!!!! We could not believe what we saw. It was really cool. He just walked right down through the woods after looking at us and went on about his way.

Walking down the hill just a few more feet we came to the swimming hole....

I remembered going here as a kid but it was even better the second time around. Sand and smooth rocks line the bottom of the swimming hole, but you want to talk about cold, man was it cold!!!

On to our next trail...

We moved on to our next hike. It was about 4 or 5 miles down the beautiful mountain road. What better way to get around... the back of Brads truck feeling the wonderful fresh crisp air of the mountains, away from all the dirt of Durham!

Here we found this awesome rock with a nice pool at the bottom just deep enough to sit in to cool off. Peacefully and pleasant! Quiet, quiet, quiet... all you could hear was water crashing into the rocks... so peaceful that it put us right to sleep!
...after our short nap on the soft rocks we took a lil hike up river where we found the great water fall.

We had a ball hiking around the fall but all good things have to come to their end so we went back to camp...

But on the way out...

And we could not take not getting in. Very quickly we jumped in, water fastly pushing us right down river. As rocks as our bumpers we slide down the rock having the time of our life!

Being there made me think about Paradise. Just seeing the potential this earth has. But for the rest, it was off to the wife and kids! So off we went with nothing but our pictures, memories and a few aching bodies. Fun it was, hopefully fun it will be again in years to come....


  1. Great beginning to your blogging experience! You are going to love it.

  2. LOVE the pictures...wish I could have been there too BUT the beach trip will be EVEN BETTER!!!

  3. Matt, I enjoyed the pictures, looks like you guys had a blast. Now I want to go back to Wilson Creek. We haven't been in about 15 years, hope we see a bear too.
    Luv ya, Aunt Debbie

  4. Dude, nice blog!
    Running Bear

  5. This is very cool Matt!!! I'm glad the bear was not accompanied by cubs! You might have been bear chow :)